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City of Littleton- Museum and Farm Electrical

Facilities Contracting, Inc. collaborated closely with the City of Littleton at their Museum and Farm, undertaking a comprehensive project that encompassed intricate electrical work. This endeavor involved the installation of a brand-new underground electrical system designed to provide power to a recently installed 125-amp breaker panel situated at the woodshed, facilitating the distribution of electricity to multiple outlets spread throughout the entire farm. The scope of construction encompassed the installation of a new 480V breaker, mated within the existing switchgear cabinet, serving as the primary source for the woodshed's new electrical panel. The intricate electrical conduit work began with routing underground and seamlessly transitioning into a directionally bored conduit system. Directional boring was chosen to maintain a straight trajectory while strategically circumventing the root systems of existing trees and impacting the existing trail system on the farm. To ensure the electrical supply was tailored to the requirements, an additional step-down transformer was positioned in proximity to the woodshed's newly installed 120V/208V panel. This project exemplified attention to detail, consideration for operational needs, challenging existing conditions, and accurate design partnership to yield a successful project.

Project Gallery

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