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City of Littleton – Courthouse Roof Maintenance

This project involved repairing various roofing areas of the Littleton Municipal Courthouse in Littleton, Colorado. The work included replacing damaged EPDM gutter liners with a 60mil EPDM box liner system, installing new drains, replacing metal cap flashing, and creating a sloped taper system in the gutter trough area. Additionally, eave metal panels were removed and reinstalled, with the addition of underlayment and new metal panels as needed. The entry metal roof had existing panels removed and replaced with underlayment, while damaged metal panels were bent back or replaced as necessary. The flat tower areas underwent a complete roof replacement, including new drip edge and counter flashing, insulation, and EPDM membrane installation with custom wraps. Existing elements like railing counter flashing and RTU unit curbs were retained or repainted as needed.

Project Gallery

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