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Cevin Brown

Senior Project Manager

Cevin joined the team in 2015 as a superintendent for the Arizona Region, after serving 5 years as a Division Officer in United States Navy. His military background provides Cevin with the knowledge to manage a team, pay attention to detail, and ensure that precise processes are followed. These skills have helped Cevin to ensure his projects are completed accurately and on schedule, his team works together effectively, and the clients stay informed throughout the process.

In 2021, Cevin was promoted to Senior Project Manager. He oversees all projects in Texas, Arizona, Wyoming and Utah and can maneuver confidently with the demands of multiple jobs in various States.

Cevin’s primary responsibilities include bidding, preparation of budgets and scheduling, supervision of project mobilization as well as on and off-site supervision and finalization of project close out. He also works directly with clients to maintain project integrity and quality, ensuring that the client is delivered with a finished product beyond their expectations.


Cevin Brown
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